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How To Choose A Nursery

What to look for

09 September 2015

When looking for day care for your child there are a number of factors to into consideration-

  • location- Is it nearby? Is there free parking? Is there easy access to local transport?

For anyone working in the city or central London that lives around E16 or further east, we are in a very convenient spot. With easy access to both the A12 and A13 we are also less than 5 minutes away from the DLR which goes directly to Canary Wharf, and have plenty of free parking around us.

  • friendliness- You will want to see smiles all around every day that you drop off and collect your child. You will want to feel like you can approach the staff and manager without feeling awkward or uncomfortable in any way to ask any question you might have, small or big.

Staff endeavour to keep a happy and positive atmosphere at all times, let’s face it, the children do keep us laughing most of the day. As manager I hold an open door policy within my office and staff are always willing to have a chat with you, and if they happen to be busy at that moment we would be happy to arrange a meeting.

  • Space to run- Your children have too much energy to be stuck in a small room all day. They need space to run and jump and express themselves with their bodies.

We have an outdoor area where we play games with the children which makes the most of the long space. We also have access to a wildlife garden with a pond, where we have a patch for our own gardening.

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