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What's Included


Tiny Town Daycare menus reflect a balanced, nutritious and varied daily meal. Lunch and tea are delivered freshly frozen by ‘The Nursery Catering Company’ The food is then reheated on Nursery premises. Morning and afternoon snacks will consist of various fruits and vegetables and other healthy snacks with a choice of milk and water to drink. Our menus take into account all dietary needs and requirements for religious and medical reasons.

Event days

In an effort to get parents and carers involved, and to celebrate each others cultures, we hold various event days such as easter hunt, mothers and fathers day, cultural day, world food day. We also have dress up days and hold fundraising events for worthy charities.

Weekly Classes
Daily Routine

Weekly Classes

Monday –
Cooking: This combines a wealth of learning opportunities from healthy eating and nutrition to weighing, measuring, pouring, etc, and the pleasure of tasting and eating their dishes

Tuesday –
Music and Dance: Role play, improvisation and storytelling all play a tremendous part in sparking creativity in children

Wednesday –
Music classes: the music teacher comes in with various instruments and songs to have fun with the children. They learn about rhythm, musical timing and get hands on experience with the instruments.

Thursday –
Creative Acting: Children are enjoying different ways to express themselves as they experiment with words, actions and feelings.

Friday –
Gardening: We plant, dig, water, watch and record from seeds to the final result. This teaches understanding of the plant world and how things grow (or sometimes doesn’t grow)

Daily Routine

3 to 5 year olds play in the yellow room, click here to view their daily routine.


2 to 3 year olds play in the blue room, click here to view their daily routine.


The green room, which is for the babies and toddlers, has an adaptable routine that heavily depends on their routine at home. With a smaller adult:child ratio this is managed by experienced staff while working closely with you.

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